Color Combinations That Beautifully Complement A Plus Size Figure

Color Combinations That Beautifully Complement A Plus Size Figure

When we talk about plus-size fashion, we have to acknowledge the importance of being articulate in terms of our colour and silhouette choices. This doesn’t just work well for your outfit but also instil confidence in you when you step out in them. In this blog, we shall touch upon some tried and tested colors for plus-size fashion that are bound to make you look stunning when you use them in your casual or formal ensembles:

7 Color Combinations For Plus Size Fashion 

We have listed seven stunning colour and style combinations that will make it very easy for you to put together or shop for perfect outfits for yourself or others:

  • Monochrome Magic

If you want to figure out ‘how to dress thinner’ monochrome is the way to go! When you use a single colour for your entire outfit, it creates an elongated and slender look. You can check out monochrome colour combinations for plus-size men and women on Instafab plus. 

  • Contrasting Colours

Use dark-coloured bottoms such as dark blue pants, Navy blue trousers or black stretch jeans. Team these up with solid-coloured contrast tops. This will give structure to your lower body and draw attention to your upper half. This kind of color scheme works wonders for creating a stylish and slender look. 

  • Say Hello To Vertical Stripes 

Vertical stripes are a great way to achieve a slimming effect. You can wear a shirt or a top with vertical stripes and style it with high-waist pants for a crisp and clean look. 

  • Dark Prints 

To put together the best outfit colour combinations for a fuller figure, you can experiment with beautiful bold-coloured prints on a lighter background. For example, you can opt for a white top with bold black patterns. This doesn’t just look visually appealing but also gives a balanced nuance to your outfit. 

  • Go For Earthy Tones

You can go for colours like olive green, burgundy and different shades of browns to choose colour combinations for plus size fashion. Such colours have a nonchalant appeal about them that oozes charm and sophistication. You can style them in any way that you deem fit to align with the order of your day. 

  • Stick To Classics 

Some of the best outfit colour combinations that work for almost every body type are a classic white top and blue denims. Complete this look with a stylish cap and white sneakers and you are ready to paint the town ready in your casual best! 

  • Layering 

Layering is a smart way to add structure to your outfit and give some classy nuance to your whole look. While layering you can experiment with different shades of a single colour to create a stunning look. 

While putting together any outfit, it is of consequence to remember that ultimately it is your confidence that is going to shine through. We hope that the above-mentioned colors for plus-size fashion will endow you with the knowledge to choose the right colour scheme that components your body type. However, you can get as creative as you want to strike that perfect balance between silhouette, style and colours to create the look of your dreams. You can always browse through Instafabplus and choose outfits that appeal to you. Furthermore, a perfectly put-together outfit embodies a balance between a great colour scheme, accessorising and footwear. Try experimenting with statement jewellery to give anchor points to your whole outfit. 

The next time you have an event to attend, we suggest you try out the pointers shared in this blog and dazzle the night away.


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