A Guide on Dress Colour Combination For Plus Size Men

A Guide on Dress Colour Combination For Plus Size Men

Dressing well is an art, and mastering the art of colour combination for clothes can elevate your style to new heights. While we have always associated colourful clothes with plus-size women’s clothing, it’s not only women who benefit from choosing the right colour combinations. As a plus-size man, it's essential to understand how different colours work together to streamline your silhouette and influence your appearance in a way that lets you express your unique personality through fashion. When the shades of your clothes come together to create a cohesive outfit, you will surely notice your confidence boosting. So let’s get off on the right foot with 10+ fail-safe colour combinations for dresses for men:

10+ Best Colour Combination Dress for Men

Here is a lowdown of the best colour combinations for men that work from casual to formal and semi-formal settings: 

1. Blue and White

Blue has always been associated with peace, serenity, and calmness, whereas white exudes an essence of perfection. When these two shades come together, they help create one of the most refined men’s formal colour combinations. But that’s not it! Even a casual shirt in this colour combination for men can reflect a timeless, versatile aura that you will surely love. You can check out different styles of shirts and lowers in these colours from Instafab Plus and then take a pick as per your liking.

2. Red and Blue 

It’s a time-honoured classic dress colour combination for men and has been loved by men worldwide. This dress colour combination for males helps create an attractive, and sophisticated ensemble that personifies confidence and refinement. So it’s a great formal dress colour combination for men to attend formal events, office parties, or important office meetings. 

3. Blue and Green

Another popular colour combination for men’s formal wear that we see men repeating time and again is blue and green. These colours go well together and help you create looks that fit both formal and casual settings. The same casual check shirt in blue and green you can put on with a pair of denim jeans for the office and even for hanging out with friends in the evening. This menswear colour combination is effortlessly cool and ideal for everyday wear. You can layer a brown jacket with a blue and green men’s shirt for a relaxed yet put-together look.

4. Sage Green and White

Is there any colour better than sage green to break the office monotony? Pair up white with sage green, and you have the best dress colour combination for men to rock at formal events. A sage green shirt brings along a refreshing twist on traditional neutrals like white and creates an eye-catching men’s clothing colour combination that also fits the workplace. It helps you show off your impeccable taste in formal attire and make you embody the essence of ‘dress to impress’.

5. Pink and White

While the debate on pink being a feminine colour is on, it in no way diminishes men’s masculinity. Rather it imparts a soft glow even to gentlemen which makes them feel confident, elegant, and regal. Pink lets men stand out in a crowd where most men might be in dark shades. It’s a colour that breaks gender stereotypes. Since pink is such a versatile colour, it blends well with a range of colours. But let’s be real: nothing stands a chance against the combination of pink and white. To that end, you can check out the Light Pink Shadow stripes short from Instafab Plus. 

6. Blue and Pink

When it comes to classic and timeless men’s formal dress colour combinations, these two opposite-gender colours look fabulous on men. While pink offers unparalleled versatility, and vibrancy, blue welcomes serenity and professionalism. So indeed men have fallen in love with this colour combination for men and can proudly flaunt their love for the pair through blue & pink leaf strokes shirts. It’s a lightweight colour combo that suits the lightness of the summer and spring season. 

7. White and Grey

You can never go wrong with the timeless elegance of black and white. But do you know the same you can do with white and grey? This combination is sleek, stylish, and suitable for any occasion. A white & dark grey barcode-striped shirt from Instafab Plus creates an elegant, subtle look that fits all around the year while accessorised with layers. 

8. Brown and Beige

For a refined yet smart, contemporary ensemble, the best men’s dress colour combination is brown with beige. This sophisticated colour combo comes together to make any attire chic, bright, interesting, and colourful. The brown hibiscus print shirt from the collection of Instafab Plus lets you create a men’s look that you are proud of and feel confident in.

9. Lavender and Yellow

Have you ever wondered what happens when two of the brightest colours come together? No need to wonder anymore! The stunning outcome is Instafab Plus’s lavender & yellow contrast foliage shirt. This fun colour combination for men’s clothes can be the perfect combo to flaunt during casual events. It’s a colour for casual attire that men can rock from a BBQ party to a day on the beach. Simply alter the bottom to suit the event, and you are ready for your upcoming party invitation or vacation! 

10. Yellow and Green

The colours we see in nature always go well together. Two of the most common colours that we always find around us are yellow and green. These two colour combinations for dress men create a serene, calming attire that soothes the eyes, and soul. The Mustard Yellow & Forest Green Artistic Romance Shirt of Instafab Plus doesn’t contain the colour combos within these two, one can also find a tinge of orange, white, and brown along with these two dominant colours. This unexpected pairing is sure to make a stylish statement and set you apart from the crowd. 

11. Olive Green

While the colour combinations for dresses for men in this list usually revolve around two or more colours, even a solid colour like olive can be a perfect match with another solid colour like a pair of Regular Fit Denim Jeans. Olive is also a great dress colour for both formal and casual events. A solid olive green casual shirt can be styled for formal occasions with trousers, blazers, and other men’s accessories. 

As we are at the end of the discussion on the best colour combination for men, it’s safe to say there is a range of formal and casual dress colour combinations for men that you can experiment with. As a plus-size man, experimenting with different hues and shades is the best way to figure out the formal dress colour combination for men that complements your body type and personal style. If all these seem a bit much to internalise, simply go to the online store of Instafab Plus, and explore a collection of men’s plus-size clothing in stunning colour combos. Choose the most suitable ones for various settings or events to embrace style, colour, and most importantly, embrace yourself. 


What is the best colour for a men's dress?

The best colours for a men's dress are navy blue, charcoal grey, white, olive green, and black.

I'd like to wear brighter colours. In what way should I consider this?

Men can include brighter colours in their wardrobe by choosing men’s shirts in vibrant colours from the men’s shirt collection from Instafab Plus.

When wearing colour combinations, what pattern dress should you wear?

The best way to wear colour combinations is to opt for solid patterns to avoid overwhelming your look. Simple patterns like stripes or checks can complement the colour palette without becoming too overwhelming. 


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