Men's Clothing Size Chart: XXXL, XXXXL to 6XL Size in Numbers

Men's Clothing Size Chart: XXXL, XXXXL to 6XL Size in Numbers

Are you tired of browsing through the racks and websites for clothing that fits? Well, don't worry because this blog has got you covered! You won’t have to squeeze into tight shirts or drown yourself in oversized garments. This lowdown on the men's clothing size chart from Instafab Plus will turn your plus size shopping session into a breeze. From shirts and comfortable jeans to a cosy jacket, there is a perfect fit waiting just for you.



To Fit Chest

To Fit Length

To Fit Shoulder

XXXL T-shirt Size in Numbers




XXXXL T-shirt Size in Numbers




XXXXXL T-shirt Size in Numbers




XXXXXXL T-shirt Size in Numbers




If you want to buy the perfect men’s t-shirt size or shirt, we have got you covered. Check out this sizing charge to understand its implication while buying your favourite shirt or t-shirt from Instafab Plus. 

XXXL Size in Numbers

As per our shirt and t-shirt size chart for men, this size will fit a chest size of 50 inches. The length of the shirt or t-shirt will be 29 inches and the shoulders will measure 19.5 inches. You can corroborate these measurements with your own and then choose the best shirt or t-shirt for yourself. 

XXXXL Size in Numbers

If you are looking for a larger size in number while choosing t-shirts or shirts, you can opt for this. This size is suitable for those who have a 52-inch chest, a length of 29.5 inches, and a shoulder width of 20 inches.

XXXXXL Size in Numbers

If you have a fuller physique or are looking for something that has a super relaxed fit, Instafab Plus’s 5XL size is going to be ideal for you. This size will work for you, if you have a chest size of 54 inches, wear a t-shirt or shirt length of 30 inches, and shoulders 20.5 inches.

XXXXXXL Size in Numbers

This is the largest t-shirt size for men on Instafab Plus. You can opt for this if your chest size is 56 inches, the desired length of the t-shirt or shirt is 30 inches and your shoulder width is 21 inches.

MEN'S Bottom Wear SIZING CHART: 38 to 44

Let us take a deeper look at Instafab Plus’s range of bottoms size chart so that you can pick out the perfect pair of jeans, cargo, or track pants. 

38 Inch Size Bottom Wear

This size of bottomwear for plus size men is crafted to fit a waist measuring 38 inches. The inseam length of 31 inches will give ample coverage and facilitate easy movement throughout the day. You can check out these measurements and then choose the perfect size of lowers for yourself. 

40 Inch Size Bottom Wear

This size is for those with a waist size of 40 inches. If you pick out this size of lowers, it will offer a snug and supportive fit for this waist size. With a 31-inch inseam length, this size will make you go about your day in a comfortable and relaxed manner (with respect to your lowers, of course!) 

42 Inch Size Bottom Wear

This size can accommodate a waist size of 42 inches and has a 31-inch inseam length. You can choose this size if it matches your measurements and you want a supportive fit of your plus size jeans, plus size track pants etc. 

44Inch Size Bottom Wear

This size has been made for those with a waist size of 44 inches. It has a 31-inch inseam length. This is the largest size of bottom wear on Instafab Plus and it will offer both coverage and ease of movement. 

How To Buy Perfect Size Clothing For Plus Size MEN

No matter if you are referring to the men’s shirt sizing chart or for bottoms,  these tips will be helpful for you:

  • Size
  • The perfect size of clothing should provide a comfortable fit. An ideal size of clothing won’t cling too close to the body or feel restrictive in any way.

  • Shoulder Seams
  • The shoulder seams of shirts or jackets should match the natural edge of your shoulders. If it falls too far down the garment will appear oversized, and if it is too high, it may restrict movement.

  • Sleeves
  • The sleeves of your clothes should neither be too short nor too long. Steer clear from sizes where your sleeves gather at the wrists or go up when you move your arms around.

  • Length
  • Always be careful about the length of plus size shirts, t-shirts, jackets, and jeans. Your upper wear should cover the waistband of your pants and lowers should sit comfortably at the waist and finish till the tops of your shoes.

  • Flattering Shape
  • The perfect choice of clothing should have a flattering shape that aligns with your body type. Your choice of clothes should make you feel confident in your skin. 

    We hope that the above mentioned information on sizing will help you quell the guessing games while choosing the perfect fit of clothes. This comprehensive guide on men's plus size clothing sizes from Instafab Plus will let you shop smartly, no matter what size you wear. So, if you want to shop till you drop, this blog and Instafab Plus have got your back.

    FAQs On Men’s Clothing Size Chart

    What size would I be in plus size?

    Generally, sizes that have a waist of 38 and up or 3XL size is where the plus size range starts from. 

    What waist size is plus size?

    A waist size of 38 and higher is generally considered plus size.


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