Top Winter Layering Tips for Maximum Warmth

Top Winter Layering Tips for Maximum Warmth

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Winter is a fun time when people get a chance to engage in activities like snowboarding, skating, and hiking. It’s also the perfect time to book trips to snowy locations to enjoy the winter chill. The only thing one must take into consideration while planning tours and trips is dressing for the weather. The only way to combat the winter chill is layering correctly to stay warm and elegant. 

If you are someone who always struggles to brave the winter temperatures, this winter layering guide is for you.  Here we've delved into winter dressing tips with a focus on effective layering for both women and men:

Winter Layering Tips for Women

A winter clothing guide can be highly versatile but a few rules remain the same for both genders. Here we have unrolled the guide keeping in mind women’s clothing necessity or clothing ideas for women. Let’s jump right into them: 

1. Base Layer

The winter layering guide begins with putting on a moisture-resistant, breathable and lightweight base layer, like a regular cotton top or synthetic tops that are found in Instafab Plus. Clothes like light grey basic solid tops or ivory-white geometric tops feel soft against your skin and keep you warm and dry.


2. Mid Layer

As you are now warm and cosy, retain the heat by putting on an insulation layer like a fleece shirt or sweatshirt. The cotton, wool or synthetic fabric of women's solid hooded sweatshirts or women's printed hooded sweatshirts make them the ideal middle-layer clothing item. Choose the thickness of the middle layer based on the temperature to retain body heat effectively. 


3. Outer Layer

Now it’s time to choose a windproof shell that wraps you around comfortably and keeps the heat inside. The thicker, the better. Chalk-white metallic veined faux fur jackets, tan brown fleece-lined biker jackets or tan brown quilted puffer jackets with zippers are some of the most breathable pieces that protect you from wind, and snow while allowing moisture to escape.

Bonus tip: But the winter layering guide extends beyond the top half. Your lower half demands as much focus and attention as your other half. So keep them warm using thermal or wool leggings, insulated pants, wool or thermal socks, waterproof, and insulated boots. Accessorise your winter layering with a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf to prevent heat loss from any part of the body. 


Layering Tips for Men

Just like women, men also need a solid winter clothing guide that they can stick to no matter how chilly the weather gets. Let’s check the winter dressing tips for men:  

1. Base Layer

The base layer guide for men is no different than for women. Choose a snug, cosy, moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight white textured casual shirt or light blue textured casual shirt. 


2. Mid Layer

You can never go wrong with winter clothes made of fleece, wool or synthetic as your middle layer. Choose among a blue textured knit pullover sweater, olive green tartan plaid knit pullover sweater, striped turtleneck woollen pullover, plus size men’s green printed hoodie with a kangaroo pocket, men colour-blocked printed sweatshirt, plus size men’s navy blue zip-front hoodie with contrast drawstring or anything from Instafab Plus’s sweatshirt and sweater collection. 


3. Outer Layer

As you are already pretty warm, make it more windproof by putting on a light grey puffer jacket with a contrast zipper or a black zip-front puffer jacket with ribbed hem.


Bonus tips: Once you are done with your top half, follow the same winter dressing tips for the lower body as well. Choose thermal or wool leggings, insulated pants, wool or thermal socks gloves and waterproof, insulated boots to be as comfortable as you feel under a warm blanket at night. 


It’s best to cover yourself as much as possible using a warm hat, and a scarf or neck for added protection against the cold.


Winter layering guide is not only about staying warm but dry as well. Mastering the art of winter layering is a chic and practical way to soak in the beauty of the cold months. 

Winter comes once a year. So why not be your best self and put yourself out there instead of hiding in your room under the blankets? Don’t let your life wait for you. Live in the moment, no matter the season it is. 

Follow these winter dressing tips to face winter's chill with confidence. The plus size men’s winter wear collection of Instafab Plus is made for active folks like you. Browse through our collection to embrace the layers and make a statement as you conquer the cold!