Top 5 Dresses For Women This Season

Top 5 Dresses For Women This Season

It’s that time of year again when we get into some serious spring cleaning. The spring cleaning involves an overhaul of the wardrobe too. Spring brings with it the month of “Chaitra” which is the first month of the Hindu calendar. So it’s justified if you are in the mood to completely update your wardrobe. We get it. And ladies, the best place to start your shopping is by stocking up on the latest dresses for women.

If you, like millions of Indian women, are unhappy with the styles available in larger sizes, then have we got news for you! Instafab Plus is on a mission to provide trendy, classy, and comfortable clothes in plus sizes for our valued customers. We truly believe that fashion should not discriminate between sizes, because every shape and size has been molded by nature and deserves to be celebrated. 

So if you want to refresh your wardrobe in the new year, or just want to grab a few good pieces for work, then we have got the best selection of dresses for women in plus sizes. Check out a few of our bestsellers!

Elegant, delicate, and oh-so-feminine, this eye-catching dress is the ultimate summer look for anyone looking to make a lasting impact. The shade is a delicate light purple - almost white - like the spotless sky on a late summer evening when the colors begin to change long after the dazzling sun has set and there is a stillness in the air. The fabric, crepe, is perfect for the lightweight summery dress look. So light that you almost don’t feel it. The square neck and crinkled fabric all hark back to an older era, while the strategic side slit provides the perfect degree of glamour; it’s coy but interested in adventure. It’s the perfect dress for the season.

Modern workwear has evolved to accommodate myriad tastes and styles, but one thing in common is the clean cuts and sharp silhouettes. If you’re a young, independent go-getter then your wardrobe should reflect your personality, and this stylish dress does just that. The floral print in red and off-white is spot-on for the spring and summer seasons. The button-down effect gives it a formal look that’s perfect for the workplace. The dress is fitted at the waist to give it structure and elegance, and the length of the sleeves and the dress overall is decided keeping your all-day comfort in mind. It’s formal but never boring. It’s full of life and promise, just like you.

Warmer months give us a chance to show off our curves. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect date night dress, or just something you would like to don for a much-awaited Friday night revelry with your closest friends, then look no further than this stunning piece in maroon. The short, one-shoulder dress is designed to inspire awe and a fair bit of envy. The color palette is perfect for a late-evening outing. Red is, after all, associated with passion and confidence. The fabric is polyester that hugs your body snugly, giving the dress a flattering fit. And the single, puffed net sleeve adds just the right amount of drama to the overall look. The message is clear - you’re bold and you know what you want. Others may approach with caution!

Stylish, flirty and fun - if these words describe you then you need a dress that can complement these aspects. This modern and trendy short dress for women is the perfect pick for the season. The polyester fabric ensures that it’s lightweight and easy on the skin. The off-white and black print works beautifully in varied settings - whether at work or on vacation. The sleeves are deliberately loose to let it breathe so you can be comfortable all day, and the v-neck lends a nice touch. But the best feature has to be the knot around the chest, which gives this dress a nice structured and tailored look while also highlighting your curves. Flaunt this beauty with your favorite pair of black pumps.



Your summer look is incomplete without a fiery and fitted party dress. This orange beauty is flaming and dazzling without screaming for attention. The bold color is a definite head-turner, as are the exaggerated net sleeves. The side zip on the dress will ensure that you get a well-fitted look, and it’s also easy to put on and take off. The square neck is subtle so as not to have too many different elements fighting for attention. It’s a lovely evening dress for a late summer soiree. If anything is missing from the look, then it’s a flute of chilled champagne.

Who knew that shopping for plus sizes could be so much fun? But that’s what we at Instafab like to do. So if you’re inspired to stock up on the latest and hottest dresses for women in plus sizes, then quickly grab all your favorites before they go out of stock!

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