How to Style Plus Size Wide Leg & High Waisted Jeans Pants?

How to Style Plus Size Wide Leg & High Waisted Jeans Pants?

Skinny jeans had us in a chokehold for quite a long time. While they’re probably here to stay, it’s undeniable that there’s also the emergence of plus-size cropped wide-leg jeans. But the struggle with these pants is that many aren’t aware of how to style high-waisted jeans pants. If you’re in the same boat as many others, well, you've stumbled upon the perfect guide. We understand the struggle of deciding how to wear a high-waisted is real. But fear not, as we delve into the wide-leg jean outfit ideas to help you look fabulous in them. Let’s find them out: 

Wide-Leg Jeans with Striped Shirt

Let's kick things off with the basics. Maintaining balance and proportion is the first thing one needs to take care of when it comes to the guide on how to style wide-leg jeans in plus size. Choose a pair of jeans that fits comfortably around your waist and hips without being too tight or too loose. 

Now create a chic and casual look with your pair of wide-leg jeans and a classic striped shirt. This timeless combination effortlessly elongates your silhouette while helping you appear elegant. You can complete the look with a pair of sneakers or sandals for a laid-back vibe perfect for a weekend brunch or shopping trip.

Wide-leg jeans with Leather Trench

Want to look cool and edgy in your ensemble? Try pairing your wide-leg jeans with a sleek leather trench coat during winter or transitional seasons to take your winter lookbook up a notch that you’ll be proud of! This combination makes it ideal for a night out on the town or a dinner date. Finish off the look with some minimal jewellery and a bold lip for an elevated appearance.

Wide-Leg Jeans with Nice Top & Bright Blazer

You can take your casual wide-leg jeans from parties to office meetings by simply styling them with a crisp, bright blazer and a chic blouse. Choose contrasting colours or patterns to inject personality into your outfit and seamlessly transition from the boardroom to happy hour. There’s no other jeans and top wear combination that makes you look as good and professional all day long as this.

Wide-Leg Jeans with Denim Jacket

A match made in heaven, you can never go wrong with the timeless combination of wide-leg jeans and a denim jacket. When you’re in the mood for a cool, street-smart look that doesn’t require you to put in too much effort, then you have the perfect option at your fingertips. Throw on some ankle boots or sneakers with the attire to conquer the day in style.

Wide-Leg Jeans with Band Tee

Is there any look in the lookbook of wide-leg jeans more casual than this? From morning errands to coffee dates, there’s nothing as chic and comfortable as pairing your wide-leg jeans with a basic tee. With some chunky boots and a leather jacket with this combination, you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Wide-Leg Jeans with Nice Top and Heels

Every fashionista dreams of appearing refined and feminine every day. If you’re one of them but struggle to decide how to do so, pair your wide-leg jeans with a fitted blouse and a pair of elegant heels. This sophisticated ensemble can take you from date nights to cocktail parties without making you look out of place. Also, don't forget to accessorise them with earrings and a glamorous clutch.

Wide-Leg Jeans with Cropped Smart Jacket

Another classic in the list of how-to-wear wide-leg jeans, you won’t want to miss this if you’re a fan of casual styles. This combination is ideal for those days when you want to look put-together but not in the mood of putting too much thought into clothing. You can team up a pair of loafers or ballet flats with this duo for a preppy yet chic look.

So we can confidently state that styling plus-size wide-leg jeans doesn't have to be daunting. With the right fit, a jeans collection and a guide on how to style wide-leg jeans, you can rock any look in jeans with confidence. Choose your collection of plus-size jeans from the selection of Instafab Plus and have fun with fashion!


Can curvy girls wear wide-leg jeans?

Yes, wide-leg jeans are incredibly flattering on curvy ladies. 

What is the difference between baggy and wide-leg jeans?

While both baggy and wide-leg jeans offer a relaxed fit, baggy jeans have excess fabric throughout the leg, resulting in a more slouchy and oversized look. On the other hand, wide-leg jeans are tailored around the waist and hips before gradually widening from the thigh down to the ankle, creating a more structured silhouette.


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