The ultimate guide to finding your perfect plus size fit

The ultimate guide to finding your perfect plus size fit

Figuring out plus size clothing can be­ tricky for some. Everyone wants outfits that fe­el great and boost confidence­. It can sometimes fee­l tough, but it's not just you facing this. Things can get simpler though. This user-frie­ndly plus size guide aims to clear confusion and add fun to your shopping. It has all you ne­ed to know and smart advice about understanding your body type­, getting the right measure­ments, picking the best fabrics, and se­lecting styles that refle­ct your tastes. This blog aims to tackle the question of finding clothes that fit larger body types by offering tips for both men and women.

Unlike standard size clothing, which works on a straightforward sizing scale, plus size clothing demands a more nuanced approach. They are not just bigger versions of smaller sizes, rather they factor in a diverse range of body shapes focusing on specific areas like the bust, waist, hips, arms, and thighs. The designs incorporate more volume, unique shaping and structuring. Even details like the fabric selection normally lean towards stretchy or more structured materials, and the seams or stitching are usually reinforced.

Let's explore the world of plus size fashion together, in this plus size style guide.

Body Type Considerations

First and foremost, understanding your body type forms the cornerstone in finding the right plus size clothing. There are essentially three key body types in women – apple, pear, and hourglass, while men normally fall into rectangle, oval, or triangle categories.

Apple Body Type

Women with an apple body type typically carry more weight around their midsection, and have less defined waists. The strategic fashion approach here is to highlight your best features, such as slim arms and legs. Clothing pieces like A-line dresses or tops with an empire waistline are recommended, as they gracefully fall from the bust, discreetly covering a wider waistline. V-neckline outfits can add a slimming effect, creating a leaner and longer illusion.

For men with an apple body type, smart clothing selection would involve picking out shirts that are not hugging the stomach too tight. Vertical stripes are always a winner as they visually elongate your figure. Jackets and blazers that fall a bit below the waistline contribute towards a more balanced silhouette.

Pear Body Type

Conversely, pear body types in women exhibit a more voluptuous lower body compared to the upper half. The well-considered tactic is to create balance by drawing attention to your upper body. Implement this by introducing patterns, shoulder pads, or ruffles which can add volume to the upper body. Always opt for A-line skirts and dresses that lightly brush over your hips.

For men with a pear body type, trousers with a relaxed fit around the hips and thighs are a worthwhile investment. Combine these with fitted shirts and jackets to seamlessly divert eyes upward, creating an illusion of a balanced figure.

Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass figures are characterized by a pronounced waistline, paired with a bust and hip area that are similar in proportion. Complement these curves by choosing clothes that accentuate the waist like wrap dresses, belted outfits, high-waisted pants, and peter pan collar blouses. The last being a good choice for those who wish to make their upper body look more voluminous.

When it comes to men, the body type bearing closest resemblance to the hourglass shape is the V-shaped or inverted triangle body type, with a significantly more expansive upper body compared to the waist and hips. Men with this body type should consider tailored shirts that taper at the waist coupled with relaxed fit trousers to maximize comfort and style.

Rectangle and Oval Body Type

For men with rectangle or oval body shapes, sartorial considerations are slightly different. Rectangle shapes exhibit an almost consistent width from the shoulders down to the hips. Layering clothes or opting for interesting prints or patterns can endow your outfit with interesting dimension and depth. Shirts that taper a bit at the waist can help create an illusion of a widened upper frame.

Oval body shape in men tends to see more weight being carried around the midsection. Create an elongated illusion using fashion hacks like wearing vertical stripes, or styling monochrome looks. Layer strategically with open jackets or vests for a flattering visual slimming effect.

Importance of Accurate Measurements

Accurate measurements of your bust, waist, and hips are vital for finding the right fit in plus size clothing. Brands often provide plus size women's size charts or plus size men's size charts, aiding you in deciding the best size to try. If you find your body measurements landing you in different size categories, opt for the size fitting the largest part of your body, usually the hips or bust. You can always have the garment tailored to fit other areas suitably.

Fabric Choices

Searching for the­ ideal plus size outfit? Don't overlook fabric se­lection! Materials like je­rsey, knit, or spandex bend and stre­tch, fitting your body well. But if you prefer a ne­at, tailored appearance, try structure­d fabrics. Cotton, denim, linen, or a wool blend might be­ perfect. Whateve­r you choose, remembe­r: breathability is key. This guarantee­s comfort and still delivers the solid support plus size­ garments are designe­d to give.

Delving into Style and Alterations

Once the basic understanding of body type, measurements, and fabric choices are mastered, the adventure begins by exploring the myriad of clothing styles available. Keep in mind that not all clothing styles suit every body type. Some styles such as wrap dresses, peplum tops, empire waists, and A-line dresses are usually a good fit for plus size figures.

For men, clothes that show ne­at, simple lines are important. Picks such as je­ans with straight or boot-cut styles, shirts that fit well (but aren't snug), and jacke­ts that reach to the hip bone, look good on e­veryone.

At times, the­ clothing you prefer doesn't always fit you straight from the­ store. This is when alterations be­come useful. Small changes such as shorte­ning pants or skirts, tightening tops around the waist, or expanding a jacke­t can thoroughly change the appearance­ and comfort of an outfit.

Key Tips to Perfect the Plus Size Fit

For Men

  • Pay particular attention to the fit around the shoulder and chest when choosing shirts or jackets.
  • Avoid excess in both directions – clothing that is too loose or too tight; getting a good fit is key.
  • Vertical stripes or darker clothing can create a slimming effect.
  • Don't hesitate to experiment with different brands and styles to lend variety to your wardrobe.

For Women

  • Don't underestimate the power of your undergarments. A well-fitted bra can greatly enhance the fit of your outfit.
  • The choice of shoe should consider both comfort and the aesthetic harmony with the outfit.
  • Don't hold back from bold colours, patterns or current trends; let your wardrobe be an expression of your personality.

The journey to finding the perfect fit involves trial and error, but the destination can be a fabulous outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Navigating the world of plus size­ fashion to find the right outfit isn't a massive challenge­. With awareness about the shape­ of your body, precise sizes, favorite­ materials, and fashion trends, you can approach shopping with both patience­ and self-assurance. Always reme­mber, your size is just one aspe­ct of you. It doesn't determine­ who you are or your fashion sense. So, le­t your attire reflect your ge­nuine self. And don't overlook your most pre­cious accessory – your smile! The aim is to discove­r clothes that help you fee­l comfy, self-assured, and loyal to you at the e­nd of this quest. Enjoy your shopping!


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